a helper library to make writing REST clients in python extremely simple.


if you have setuptools installed, just do "easy_install restclient"


restclient is very simple so the main documentation is in docstrings in the code itself. this page just serves as a quick starter.

from restclient import GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
r = GET("") # makes a GET request to the url. returns a string 
POST("") # makes a POST request
PUT("") # makes a PUT request
DELETE("") # makes a DELETE request
POST("",params={'foo' : 'bar'}) # passes params along
POST("",headers={'foo' : 'bar'}) # sends additional HTTP headers with the request
POST("",accept=['application/xml','text/plain']) # specify HTTP Accept: headers

restclient also handles multipart file uploads nicely:

f = open("foo.txt").read()
POST("",files={'file1' : {'file' : f, 'filename' : 'foo.txt'}})

by default, POST(), PUT(), and DELETE() make their requests asynchronously. IE, they spawn a new thread to do the request and return immediately. GET() is synchronous. You can change this behavior with the 'async' parameter:

POST("",async=False) # will wait for the request to complete before returning

doing an asynchronous GET would be silly and pointless so I won't give an example of that but I'm sure you could figure it out.


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written by Anders Pearson at the Columbia Center For New Media Teaching And Learning.